How to Wrap Text in Excel – 4 Easiest Method

Wrap text is a feature in Excel which allows adjusting long text data into a single cell.

What is Wrap Text in Excel?

Suppose that we are entering our data into a cell and this data cross more than one cell.

See the image below:-

Wrap Text in Excel
Wrap Text Image-01

Here you can see that the text is crossing more than one cell.

According to Excel, the row height of Excel is ‘15’ by default, and column width is ‘8.43’.

So this size of the cell cannot adjust the above text in a single cell.

Second thing is that:-

When we enter the text in a cell once, our text is appearing till the end.

But when we enter the value in cell 2, our text value of the first cell is not visible fully.

See the image below:-

Wrap Text Image-02

In this situation, we can use the Wrap Text feature in Excel and adjust our cell value into one cell.

In this blog post, you will learn some basic methods to Wrap Text within a cell.

Wrap Text in Excel with Ribbon

In this method, we will wrap our text by Ribbon in Excel.

Wrap Text image -03

Here we have entered our text value in a cell, and this text value is crossing multiple cells.

Now we want to adjust the whole text value in a single cell by Wrap Text feature.

First of all, click on the cell, where our text value is appearing, i.e. cell A1.

Now go to the “Home” tab, and then the “Alignment” group, there are few options.

See image below:-

Wrap Text in Excel – Image – 04

Click on Wrap Text and it is done.

See that our text value in cell A1 has been adjusted in a single cell.

See the image below for result:-

Wrap Text in Excel – Image – 05

Now you can increase or decrease the column width or row height as per your need..

Wrap Text in Excel with the Format dialog box

First of all, activate the cell or click on the cell which text to be a wrap.

Then go to the ‘Home’ tab and then ‘Alignment’ group and here you can see an ‘icon’ at the bottom right side of the box.

Click on that icon, and see the image below:-

Wrap Text in Excel – Image – 06

Or use the keyboard shortcut ‘Ctrl+1’ (Control + 1) to open the ‘Format Cells’ dialog box.

Once you click on it and below format dialog box will appear.

Wrap Text in Excel
Wrap Text in Excel – Image -06

In this format cell box, go to the ‘Alignment’ tab and click on the ‘Check box’ of ‘Wrap text’ option below the ‘Text control’ and press OK button.

See that your text has been successfully wrapped or adjusted in a cell.

Wrap Text in Excel with Keyboard Shortcut

Here, we will use the keyboard shortcut to apply Wrap text in Excel.

First, we need to make our text cell activate, in which we want to apply ‘Wrap text’.

Then use the below keyboard shortcuts from the keyboard.

Alt + H +W

As soon as you apply this command, your text value has been adjusted in a single cell.

How to Wrap Text with Manually Adding Line Break

This option allows us to adjust our text data into one cell by manually creating a line break within the text.

First of all, go to the cell where we want to apply the manual line break.

Then press ‘F2’ from the keyboard, by doing this, our text will be changed to edit mode.

See the image below:-

Wrap Text in Excel
Image -07

First, we need to decide that where we want to add a line break so that our text value is wrapped in the center of the cell.

Then press ‘Alt + Enter’ from the keyboard.

And it is done now.

Our text value is adjusted in a single cell.

How to Remove Wrap Text

We have learned several methods to apply ‘Wrap Text in Excel’.

Now it is time to know that how to remove ‘Wrap text’ in Excel

Click on the cell, from where you want to remove then click on the ‘Wrap text’ option in the ‘Alignment group’.

Mostly use the same method as we use to apply the ‘Wrap text’.

Such as shortcut key command, or using Format Cells option.

Furthermore, details for the Wrap Text in Excel are provided on the Microsoft Office website.

Please feel free to put your comments or suggestion in the comment box below.



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